About Us

Argan Organics was founded by mum of three Aileen Smith. From an early age Aileen was inspired by the natural beauty of her family's farm to create natural skincare using local healing herbs and botanicals. One of her earliest memories, age 5 is picking wild elderflowers in the farm hedgerows and taking them home to squash into a rudimentary face cleanser to try on her compliant family.

Aileen has developed her dream of using organic herbs and plants with the quite remarkable skin enhancing benefits of pure organic argan oil. A small bottle of argan oil brought back from a holiday trip to Essaouira in Morocco and combined in her natural creams and skincare products was a revelation, Arganorganics was born. The range combines the beneficial powers of organic herbs, flower waters and pure essential oils with this remarkable oil, so precious that it is called liquid gold in Morocco. All the products are made by hand in small batches and are free from parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates and contain no artificial colours or fragrances, only the fabulous aromas of pure organic essential oils. The result is a gloriously scented, luxurious, and completely natural range that will protect and nourish your skin.