Anti Redness + Rosacea Treatment Cream 50ml

Anti Redness + Rosacea Treatment Cream 50ml

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Fast, natural relief from rosacea and redness of the skin

Anti Redness + is a natural treatment that has been developed to target the symptoms of rosacea and inflamed reddened skin. We use specially chosen herbs and pure plant oils to work in synergy with your skin to reduce inflammation and tackle the symptoms of rosacea including redness, unsightly bumps and dry flaking skin.

  • Organic cream providing targetted rosacea and redness relief
  • Developed as an anti aging treatment as well
  • Completely natural solution for rosacea - does not contain sulphur
  • Improves skin health, use like a normal moisturiser
  • Use in conjunction with our NEW nightly anti redness + balm

We macerate botanicals including cardiospermum halicacabum (balloon vine), comfrey, wild chrysanthemum, senna, calendula, nettle and chamomile in vitamin rich oil and combine with botanical extracts and plant oils.

Key ingredients:

Sea Buckthorn
Sea buckthorn is a hardy shrub that is characterised by bright orange berries that have remarkable anti-inflammatory and cell rejuvenating abilities. It is packed full of essential fatty acids, flavonoids and anti-oxidants
Argan Oil
Organic argan oil, rich in skin nourishing fatty acids and extremely high levels of anti-oxidant Vitamin E


A truly marvellous anti inflammatory Indian herb which is a rich source of anti-oxidants

Rosewater naturally soothes redness

Rosehip Oil
Contains a wide range of fatty acids and high amounts of Vitamin A and E, essential for cell rejuvenation and tissue regeneration. Reduces redness by strengthening broken and damaged capilliaries
Black Seed Oil
A potent natural anti-inflammatory that has a long tradition in ancient medicine for healing the skin

Wild Chrysanthemum Flowers
A natural anti-inflammatory, rich in phenylpropanoic acid, flavonoids and saponoids. Recent research has demonstrated that the dried flowers have a powerful medical benefit in treating rosacea, in soothing inflammation and strengthening the capillaries
Rooibos Extract
Packed full of flavonoids, polyphenols and anti-oxidants rooibos has a calming effect on the skin, soothing redness

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Frances Furlong
A good natural rosacea find

I use the serum followed by the cream at night to keep my skin nice and moist and hydrated. Nightime is the worst time for my rosacea flaring so this has been helpful. i also keep a little fan by the bedside table to calm things if necessary.

It works

I have been using this treatment plus the overnight since the end of July. I developed severe redness and the pustules associated rosasea more predominantly on the left side of my face. I would say as of today the condition has all but disappeared. To have found a remedy that has now restored a confidence I thought long gone.

Please keep up the good work.

Chantel Cant
This cream saved my face

After developing rosacea when I was 25 I tried everything under the sun to get my skin under control. From antibiotics to medicated creams (which dry out my face). Nothing worked as well as using this cream every night. I love it!! I cannot recommend it enough! Thank you for creating this ❤️

jill dowling
Calms facial redness

As someone who enjoys winter walking, I found this cream brilliant for protecting my skin. My face can be bright red all evening after a walk in cold weather and this cream really helps to soothe the redness.


I began using this product about 2 years ago. It has been great for the acne rosacea that I have had for about 4 years. It was suggested l use a chemical cream but those reviews mentioned lots of side effects so I bought Argan Anti Redness cream. It has been fantastic from the off. Within 2 days the skin had calmed and using it as a moisturiser initially proved to be successful. I now use day and evening and also find it calms my skin following exposure to the sun, even after using factor 50. It is not greasy so after application it is easy to use my sun protecting cream. I now travel with (in tiny pots) and feel is has really helped to protect and soothe my skin from rosacea and the weather changes. Thank you Argan .