Itch Magic - Itchy Skin Cream 50ml

Itch Magic - Itchy Skin Cream 50ml

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Fast natural relief for itchy skin

Arganorganics Itch Magic cream provides targetted relief for irritated, itchy skin.

We macerate in vitamin rich plant oils a special blend of anti-inflammatory and skin soothing natural botanicals including chickweed, horsetail, cardiospermum halicacabum and Japanese herb dokudami and combine with nourishing natural plant oils and active botanical extracts to calm itchy skin and fight inflammation, leaving skin feeling moisturised and replenished.

Directions for use: Apply as needed to affected areas, massaging in gently avoiding the delicate eye area.

Our Itch Magic cream is handmade in small batches and supplied in a 50ml jar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Teresa Askins
Truly magic

I’m not one for writing reviews on things as I suffer from a range of medical conditions, which usually make me feel too unwell to find the strength to spend time writing such things. But this is different. Everyone should know about this product.

Part of my health issues is suffering from a poor immune system, leaving me prone to additional illnesses. The most recent has been Shingles.

I’ve been unwell with it now for just over two weeks, and developed the most awful rash all down my right arm, and now some on my chest and right side trunk. This virus is horrid. The rash has burned, and itched throughout this time, with a constant weeping of the spots if and when the blister on top of them burst, just like Chicken Pox spots. I’ve been in such a mess.

A few days ago my daughter walked into my bedroom whilst I was again trying to clean myself up, without bursting any more of the blistered spots. She had a pot in her hand and told me to try it. It was your Magic Itch Cream.

I carefully dried off the spots (again), & applied a thin layer of your cream. I promise that within seconds the burning and itching faded away - just like magic. It was incredible. I know that the cream cannot cure shingles sadly, but what it has done is eased the symptoms, giving the spots a better chance to heal quicker as I’m not rubbing or scratching myself when asleep. I’ve never come across a more effective product, that works so quickly. It really is well named, as I do think it’s magic.

kimberley jones

I suffer from a stress eczema, which I have had for years. The itch from the spots become so bad that I end up scratching so much I end up bleeding. I have had all the creams from the doctors and specialist. Non of which have worked and most made it worse. When I saw this cream I thought I had nothing to lose in trying it. The first time I used the cream I literally felt the itch subside within seconds. I use it every time I feel the itch. And now not only is it easing the itchyness and pain I go through. It is also making my skin look and feel normal. So I am now able to wear short sleeve tops and shorts.

Very satisfied.

I find this cream very soothing on irritated skin. I use it nightly where bra straps and underwired cups irritate me. It also works very well where sandal straps annoy me in warm weather.

Monica Hart
This Cream Truly Works

I bought this cream for my mother who suffers terribly with really severe itchy skin . She has tried many different creams with limited success. I bought your Itch Magic Skin Cream not really expecting it to work but she tells me it is truly fantastic ! As soon as she rubs a small amount of the cream on her skin , it really does stop her terrible itching virtually immediately . I'm so pleased to have discovered your cream as my mum has finally found a solution to her itchy skin problem.

Worth the money!

Worth every penny, you don't need much. Not greasy and provides relief. Smells nice too! Had an angry rash under my arm and this has done the trick as it's healing nicely. Would recommend as a natural treatment.